Two Nights on Elk Trail

A friend and I went on a backcountry camping trip on Elk Trail in Prince Albert National Park the day after Thanksgiving. I'm gonna go ahead and throw some advice your way- don't go on a hiking trip the day after Thanksgiving. Especially if you ate and drank half your weight all weekend like I did. 

That's mostly jokes, it wasn't so bad. The weather was perfect, the trail is nice and wide and it's Saskatchewan so the elevation is peaches.

It's 13 kms one way to Fish Lake, which is where we camped. We hiked to Camp Lake and back on the second day (yeah the lake names are confusing and strange. There's a lot of lakes in Sask and only so many names so deal with it). It's actually only 2 kms further to Camp Lake than Fish Lake on the main trail, so in hindsight we should have just hiked all the way there the first day, but either place is great to pitch a tent. Both campsites are luxurious - lots of firewood, fire pits, picnic tables, a bear stand and a top notch outhouse. 

Enough talking, here's the pics!