School House Rock

Jonesville School – 1913-1960

Just outside of a little town, in a small Canadian prairie province, on a dirt road, there's a school. It's a small building, just one room and a porch, but it held students from the ages of 5 to 17 all at one time. Many of the students grew up to be farmers, ranchers, and business owners in this little town.

Location: 5 kms South and 1 km East of Beechy, Saskatchewan, Canada

GPS coordinate -  (50.8344549,-107.3771752)

Jonesville Sunset-3.jpg

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The school is called Jonesville, and it has long been shut down, as are all small, one-room schools in Saskatchewan. This school is special, because it is one of very few that are still standing. It’s beautiful preservation shows that it is very loved by a community of people who care a great deal about their history. This community is called Beechy.

This school is special to me in particular, because it is located directly between the farm where I grew up, and the farm where my grandfather grew up, and it happens to be the school which my grandfather attended, until grade 10, when he left to work instead of study, like many men did at that time.

Inside the school are desks, books, chalkboards and a piano, among many other objects that are there to make it seem like the school is still in use and the students all just ran outside for recess.

This school is exactly the kind of building that Saskatchewan is unique for. If you want a glimpse into the not-so-distant past, a past where farmers were on the rise and life in the prairies was booming, then look no further than any old building that’s still standing in Saskatchewan. 


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