One Night on Nut Point Trail

I had a bear encounter the other day. I’ve lived in the woods for 4 years now, and this was my first real face-to-face with one. It was cinnamon coloured and on a scale of 1 to 10 for largeness I’d say it was a John C Reilly. 

I was hiking on the Narrows Peninsula Trail in Prince Albert National Parks, just walking along, minding my own business, and BAM. Bear. Right there. I literally almost ran into it. I mean it was like 15 ft away so not quite, but still. It saw me at the same time I saw it, we both made the “holy shit” face, it thought about running up a tree but decided not to, I said “hey bear, whoa bear” and then it ran into the woods. That was the end of it. Just kidding! It wasn’t the end of it because I’m dumb and not bear or wildlife smart at all and I ended up running into it 2 more times. Oops. 

It all turned out ok though. In the end I’ve decided to finally buy some bear spray or perhaps maybe just a bell. 

I hiked the Nut Point Trail a couple weeks ago and didn’t see any bears at all. This recent bear encounter made me think that maybe I’m just an idiot and my head is so in the clouds when I hike (I get distracted by all the cool flora and fauna) that I probably passed multiple bears and didn’t even notice. Probably for the best. 

This was the first overnight hike I’d ever done. It was hard. I sweated a lot. There were many bugs. I didn’t bring enough water and my camel mode had to kick in. The trail was wet in many areas and I dropped my camera twice. I loved it though. The scenery was fridging amazing. Canadian Shield + Boreal Forest+ huge lake = landscape porn to the max.

I had a little skinny dip in Lac La Ronge on the first day because I was so hot. Later that evening I put my feet in the water, and when I pulled them out there was a leech on my leg. I had nightmares that night about leeches that had crawled into my staff only area when I skinny dipped and were living inside of me. I also had nightmares about bears eating me, but as you already know that didn’t happen. 

I ended up not hiking to the very end because about a km from it the trail got very wet and I already almost fell multiple times. I not very good at walking in the first place and with a 40 lb pack I had visions of me going down and not being able to get back up. I decided to head back and camp near the portage area, which is the halfway point of the hike. I thought it was a great idea because then I would only have to hike 7 1/2 kms the second day and I could get on the road early. That meant I did almost 3/4 of the entire hike in one day with all my gear. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but I did it, and I survived, despite how little water I had and how hot out it was. My legs were so sore after the first day that I thought I might never walk with a limp forever, but it went away eventually. 

Here are my photos from the hike (thank you camera for not breaking even though I treat you so badly and drop you on rock face).