Hitchcock's Hideaway

This summer I visited the old home of a buckskin jacket clad, six-shooter wielding local legend in the Lake Diefenbaker area.

Hitchcock’s cabin.

Hitchcock’s cabin.

Have you ever heard about a cool place close to where you grew up, but just never got around to checking it out? That was the case with Hitchcock’s Hideaway. It’s located just 40 kms from the farm I grew up on, in fact I drive by the road to it every time I drive home from Saskatoon, but I just never bothered to go.

Luckily I have an adventurous sister-in-law that likes to explore the local area and likes to take me with her.

Hitchcock's cabin 2

On a warm August day we set out for Hitchcock’s Hideaway, which is actually a resort and park located on Lake Diefenbaker. It’s named after a man, Jack Hitchcock, who settled in the area in the early 20th century and built himself a nice little log cabin as far away from other humans as he could get. I relate to that.

From what I read in the Lucky Lake history book, he was quite a character. He wore buckskin clothing and carried around a six-shooter his whole life, even convincing the workers at the care home in Saskatoon where he eventually ended up to let him keep it.

It’s a short walk through poplar woods to get to Hitchcock’s cabin. Also located on his homestead is a church. I couldn’t find a lot of information on this church or why it was there, but it’s a beautiful little building and stores some cool old items.

Right behind the church you can walk down to the beach. This of course wasn’t where the river was located until 1967 when the Gardiner Dam was built and the water level was raised. You’ll see how close the water is to the buildings. I would have been sweating if that was my home!

Lake Diefenbaker

It doesn’t take long to look around, but it was definitely worth the drive out there and learn a little bit of history about an interesting local character of the area.


Hitchcock’s Hideaway is located southeast of Birsay on Lake Diefenbaker. Drive to the resort and park. On the Southeast end of the parking lot you’ll see a path and a sign pointing you in the right direction. You’ll have to stop in the resort to grab they key for Hitchcock’s house and the church. There is a table full of information about Jack, so you can read up on him before you get to his cabin. It’s about a five minute walk through the woods to get to his homestead. Please be respectful of the building and area and DON’T STEAL or I’ll find you! ;)